Welcome - 6 Things You Need to Know For Your Appointment!

Please print out and complete patient intake forms or complete the intake form electronically if sent by the clinic.

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Welcome to Surge Mobile Physical Therapy! We are so appreciative that you decided to choose us for your care. Below are a few things that will help us create a great and smooth experience with us.

1. Please arrive at your Initial Evaluation appointment 15 minutes prior to your actual appointment time (Please note that the Olmito and Port Isabel locations are closed Monday-Friday from 12-1 PM for lunch. Therefore, if your appointment time is at 1 PM, please arrive on time). This will allow you time to check in and fill out any paperwork required. We respect your time and will see you promptly at your appointment time. Please note, we have a no-show and cancellation fee of $50 if we are not notified more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.

2. Please bring comfortable/gym attire so that we can assess and treat the body part you are coming in for more effectively and efficiently.

3. During your evaluation, the Physical Therapist will explain exactly what to expect. If this is your first time, don't worry, the front office staff and PT will walk you through it step by step.

4. At the end of the evaluation, the Physical Therapist will explain to you a specific plan of action to reduce your pain and get you back to full activity. NOTE: Please let me know if there's anything that will affect your plan of care. If it is determined additional sessions are needed after the Initial Evaluation, we ask that you schedule ALL of your visits with the front desk so please don't forget your calendar.

5. Payments are due (copay or deductible) at the end of each visit. If you have ANY questions about your insurance benefits, please let our front desk know. Nobody likes "financial" surprises.

6. INSURANCE: As a COURTESY to all patients,We will verify your Outpatient Physical Therapy Benefits, but YOU are responsible to know your Plan coverage, exclusions, and limitations. This ESTIMATED amount not covered by your insurance is due at the time of treatment and must be paid by cash, credit card, cash app, care credit, or checks.

During ALL insurance eligibility checks, YOUR insurance lets us know that VERIFICATION OF BENEFITS IS NOT A GUARANTEE OF FULL COVERAGE, IT IS AN ESTIMATION ONLY.


This is why, WE ALWAYS recommend that you save all your EOB (Estimation of Benefits) statements that YOUR insurance sends you directly. We also recommend to always get a name AND a reference number of the insurance representative you spoke with to help with verifying the information the insurance tells you.

Information about Copay, Co-insurance, and Deductibles:

A COPAY is a set amount YOUR insurance tells us your are responsible for in order to receive our Outpatient Physical Therapy services. However, Outpatient Physical Therapy Visits do not ALWAYS fall under a copay.

A CO-INSURANCE is a partial percentage that YOUR insurance tells us your are responsible for paying in order to receive our Outpatient Physical Therapy services. Most of the time, your co-insurance goes towards your yearly DEDUCTIBLE. IF YOUR INSURANCE TELLS US AT THE TIME OF VERIFICATION OF BENEFITS THAT YOU HAVE NOT MET YOUR DEDUCTIBLE, YOU WILL BE FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE VISIT CHARGE AT THE TIME OF SERVICES. Outpatient Physical Therapy Services sometimes fall into a deductible that you have to meet based on your insurance plan.

As a COURTESY, our billing department can help you call your insurance and ask about any specific questions you have, but if YOUR insurance does not fully cover your sessions, then YOUR INSURANCE TELLS US THAT ANY REMAINING BALANCES ARE PATIENT RESPONSIBILITY. YOUR insurance ALWAYS recommends that you can call them directly for any questions.

If there are any CREDITS owed back to you, please let us know right away to VERIFY WITH YOUR INSURANCE, and process your refund accordingly. Refunds are typically processed AFTER YOUR CASE IS DISCHARGED, via checks, and when all information being verified to be correct by our billing department.

Any bounced checks or unpaid balances due will get billed to you directly, and if left unpaid, sent to a third party collections agency.

All of us at Surge Mobile Physical Therapy want to welcome you to our family and we are looking forward to working with you.

Surge Mobile PT Team

Address: 7135 Frontage Rd B, Olmito, TX 78575
Hours: Monday - Thursday 8 AM - 7 pm , Friday: 8 AM -1 PM and Saturdays 9 AM -1 PM
Phone(956) 413-7799

Pot Isabel:
Address: 413 E. Railroad Ave. Suite A, Port Isabel, TX 78578
Hours: Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM
Phone(956) 443-3844


Fax: (956) 815-2019

  • Hugo was very thorough and caring during my visits. I felt that I improved greatly during our appointments. He shared my progress with me and suggested exercises that I could do at home on my own. I would highly recommend Surge Mobile physical therapy for anyone needing physical therapy.

    Robert Jensen Avatar Robert Jensen

    Hugo listened to my issues and worked up a plan that has helped improve my quality of life. I know he is available if I need help in the future. I am so grateful. Kevin is amazing, too. The entire enviroment is upbeat, clean, and friendly.

    Jan Slade Avatar Jan Slade

    Dr. Mata and Kevin were great to work with. I had two different muscle injuries and they were quickly resolved. Dr. Mata prescribed an exercise plan that was effective and reduced my pain. I was able to schedule my appointments at times that worked for me and was always treated kindly and with respect. Dr. Mata provided me with an exercise program to keep me strong and healthy after I recovered. I highly recommend.

    Jackie Jonas Avatar Jackie Jonas

    I rehabilitated a total shoulder replacement & bilateral knee replacement with Dr Hugo this year. His care, great hands & judgement were exceptional. The whole experience compared favorably with a large PT clinic in Dallas. You can trust whatever problem you may have to Dr Hugo’s excellent care. Thanks to Hugo & Kevin for everything! Will Carter, DDS

    Will Carter Avatar Will Carter
  • Came in for knee pain and they were polite, professional, and effective. I highly recommend.

    James Babcock Avatar James Babcock

    It was by fate that I ended up going with Surge Mobile PT of Port Isabel. I signed up for yoga despite my chronic shoulder pain in the hopes of gaining some flexibility. My primary sports medicine doctor gave me a steroid shot and referred me to PT. We called 2 other PT locations first, one don't answer the phone, and when I was able to finally get through and leave a message, they never called back, the other location booked me for an appointment only to call me back to say they don't accept our insurance. We called our insurance company to verify that they do, but by this point, you kind of figured, why go somewhere if the place doesn't want your business. So we started shopping around for another PT. That's when Kevin of Surge Mobile answered. He was courteous, friendly, and patient. And we were able to book an evaluation session without much waiting. Hugo Mata did my PT sessions here. He's professional and friendly, and he takes his time to connect with his patients. He's also one of the few that administered Dry Needling, which is similar to acupuncture but not the same. Fortunately for me, I didn't need someone poking me with needles, but if I do, I'll know where to find him. I also noticed that there's not a patient that comes in here without a smile. I felt I have pretty much recovered from my injuries after 10 sessions. But I must be fair and leave some room for the beneficial effects of the steroid shot and yoga sessions I have undertaking concurrently.

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    Steve Chang Avatar Steve Chang

    Very pleasant

    Richard Norton Avatar Richard Norton

    Excellent physiotherapy course of action to get me mobile. I highly recommend Dr H Mata and his team of professionals. Thank you

    Marcia Jewett Avatar Marcia Jewett
  • Hugo and Kevin are an excellent physical therapy team. Hugo stays with you throughout the session and makes revisions to the exercise as needed. I would highly recommend Surge Physical Therapy.

    Tom Wiard Avatar Tom Wiard

    Dr Hugo is professional and kind. He is up to date on all things that involve bodies in motion. Finally a PT in Port Isabel that will do hands on and not just count your reps. Surge is the place to go for your therapy!

    Michelle Francis Avatar Michelle Francis

    Hugo is excellent and makes you feel welcome and in good hands, him & Kevin were great and besides helping me I made new friends, loved going every week, will miss them so much! ♥️

    Bonnie Davis Avatar Bonnie Davis

    Hugo's and staff are friendly and are ready with helpful advice.

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    Tom Santos Avatar Tom Santos