Tired of injuries that affect your lifestyle?

We help people in Port Isabel conquer their pain and injury so that they can become a better version of themselves and get back to the life they love.

Tired of injuries that affect your lifestyle?

We help people in Port Isabel conquer their pain and injury so that they can become a better version of themselves and get back to the life they love.

Port Isabel, TX

Surge Mobile Physical Therapy in Port Isabel

We are a Professional Private Practice offering Physical Therapy in Port Isabel owned by Manual Physical Therapy Experts who help people stay active and mobile without medications, injections, or surgery! Here at Surge Mobile Physical Therapy - Port Isabel, your speedy recovery is our priority. Our holistic approach helps patients achieve long-term wellness and improve physical health and performance. We believe our patients deserve to live with less pain and deserve to understand the source of their pain. This is why we treat the root cause of your pain not just your symptoms. We optimize your recovery through our personal rehabilitation process. 

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What sets us apart from other Outpatient PT clinics is that Doctors of Physical Therapy Evaluate and Treat your condition. You will always be seen by a licensed therapist. During your course of treatment, you will be evaluated by Doctors in Physical Therapy with specialties in orthopedics, manual therapy, dry needling, and pelvic floor therapy to ensure the greatest outcome. We also do not schedule other patients in your time slot.

At Surge Mobile Physical Therapy, you are getting 1-on-1 Services 100% of the time. We are conveniently located right next to a medical physician’s office (Tropical Health Care in Port Isabel and Olmito Medical Clinic in Olmito) for easy and accessible medical care to provide you with a multidisciplinary and holistic approach to your overall care and to help save you time!

We are also considerate of your time and money during the course of treatment and we are confident in our skills; therefore, if you are not feeling better within 2 weeks or 4 therapy sessions, we typically refer you back to your physician for further investigation.

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Our Services

Outpatient, Telehealth, & Home Health Physical Therapy

  • Physical Therapy Cameron County Surge Mobile Physical Therapy Evaluation and Assessment

    Evaluation and Assessment

    At Surge Mobile Physical Therapy, we hear your story and take a detailed history. To that end, we create an individualized treatment plan including Assessment & Diagnosis aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together.

  • Physical Therapy Cameron County Surge Mobile Physical Therapy Treatment

    Treatment and Therapy

    Exercises & Manual Therapy form an integral part of our approach to treating the whole body. This service is fundamental to ensuring our patients’ long-term health and wellness.

  • Physical Therapy Cameron County Surge Mobile Physical Therapy Home Excercises

    Home Exercise Program

    We take the time to understand the root of your problem in order to provide the best and most effective treatment. Through our years of experience, we’ve found that a detailed Home Exercise Program is a crucial part of a faster recovery!

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  • He was great and very through and caring. Learned how to take care of it from him. Very good therapist and I would recommend him to anyone.

    Jane Baxter Avatar Jane Baxter

    When I went in to see Dr.Mata I was in a lot of pain. He was so concerned and knowledgeable, and a genuinely very nice person. He worked wonders for me and also gave me tips for my comfort on my 21 hour back to Iowa. He’s just the best!
    Kevin the receptionist was also nice and did a great job in scheduling

    Debbra Dressen Avatar Debbra Dressen

    Dr. Hugo Mata is not only knowledgeable, he is also one of the kindest physicians I have met. He and his staff are friendly and create a very welcoming environment. I had such a good experience with one type of rehabilitation that I returned when I needed another. I highly recommend!

    Sherry Q Avatar Sherry Q

    Dr. Rocio Martinez was my PT for almost a year. She was very patient and attentive. She figured out the cause of my chronic pain that baffled my doctors for years. Now I’m pain-free thanks to her. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a pelvic PT!

    Beemo Beems Avatar Beemo Beems
  • Very pleasant experience. Very helpful and professional.

    Randy Martens Avatar Randy Martens

    Came to Dr Mata for physical therapy after rotator cuff surgery and bicep tear. Getting scheduled with Kevin was very organized and accommodating. Dr Mata was great to work with and explained everything thoroughly. Did therapy with him starting 3 weeks after surgery versus staying in cold and snowy Midwest. Recommend Dr Mata if wanting personal care in non crowded environment

    Jim Funcheon Avatar Jim Funcheon

    Surge Mobile Physical Therapy is conveniently located close to home. Dr. Martinez and his staff are friendly, professional, caring, and very helpful. I found myself feeling less pain within two to three sessions of therapy. I highly recommend Surge Mobile Physical Therapy . The place is well kept and sanitized.

    B VILLA Avatar B VILLA

    I went to PT for cardio rehab. Dr Mata and his staff was excellent.Dr Mata takes his time and explains what he is doing. I would highly recommend Dr Mata to anyone who needs PT.

    Bob Avatar Bob
  • I had considered being treated at a Pain Managent center for a daily painful Sciatica. I was reffered to Surge Mobile Physical Therapy center, and I am glad I chose their treatments as there are no drugs nor injections to treat my pain. I have regained alot of my mobility and a smoother walk thanks to Doctor Sergio and his staff.
    I highly recommend Surge Mobile.

    Rafael Balboa Avatar Rafael Balboa

    Dr. Martínez and his staff are some of the most wonderful medical professionals you can find. Friendly, prompt, and professional service are just some of the highlights about their practice. If you need physical therapy, keep them in mind, they are fairly priced and fantastic at their job. Call them if you have any questions and they will get back to you and help you with your recovery !

    Miguel Zuniga Avatar Miguel Zuniga

    I cannot say enough great things about Surge Mobile Physical Therapy. I love that I get one to one assistance by Dr. Martinez. Most places I have been to, the doctor just does the initial evaluation and is never seen again. Dr. Martinez is VERY PRESENT in my treatment and his staff of AMAZING. The atmosphere is very inviting. I also love the 80’s music that plays in the background. I STRONGLY recommend been seen and treated by Dr. Martinez and his staff!!!!

    Bobbie Alvarez Avatar Bobbie Alvarez

    One of the best for Physical Therapy, if you want results this is the place to go.

    Collette Maza Avatar Collette Maza

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